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Killed Over A Piece Of Candy ???

December 21, 2011 at 9:19 PM

Atlanta police say the death of Mario “Slim Dunkin”, started from a fight over candy sold inside the recording studio where the shooting took place. 

“Someone came in and struck him and a fight insued. Now the information we’re getting, and it’s unconfirmed but, witnesses are saying that this whole thing started over a piece of candy,” Quinn tells WSB-TV.

— According to WSB-TV, Slim Dunkin’s attacker went out to attain a gun after a dispute over the candy, “based on the evidence we have, whoever he was fighting with, secured a weapon and shot him.”

Detective Quinn continues to tell WSB-TV that the studio was filled with “at least 20-30 people” at the time of the shooting, prepping for a photo shoot.

How important could a piece of candy really be ?

RIP — again love .